just like in the old time salon

The Greatest Art swindle of all time! / Die Größte Kunstschwindel alle Zeiten!

This is a salon type show of some of the last 10 years work… curated by… yours truly…AM Rossell
P1030428   The Infamous Madonna Spuckefläsche 2010. Edition of 50+4 signed and  numbered..Selling for €125!!! (Really!) Watch out for a performance of an old Art dealer from the 1980’s selling these as Holy Dildos and who does a sideline selling bits of the ‚True Cross’….. pure ‚Art Swindle‘!!!! Actually they’re all individual works ( the madonna spuckefläsche.) i say flashe without the umlaut cause it sounds better, and  its a Flash of the Genie (Spuck/ Ghost- Spucken/ spit.-both are good) in the Bottle.

display  wahre holz kreuz

mad mit Wlacken ostern  Because of all the controversy for 2 years, we thought it would be better to put the ‚Marriage bed Scandal Painting‘ behind a curtain… but this is Austria and everyone thought that it was Easter, and no-one dared look behind! (perhaps they half knew that there could be a nasty shock awaiting them)

FromtheTrueCross  Here is a selection from the True Cross! All going very cheep!

exhib swindel   left is a new painting: 150 x 120cm. a Self Portrait!

Augenschwelleschilde1   Augenschwelleschilde 2010