Denkpolsters and schwelleschirm 
Gods Workshop 2009  
Phoenix of Care 2016 
Pietawesen part 2 
Pieta Wesen 2013 
Retake Wall 
Trophy Room 2014 
Trophy room /Morphic Landscape 2010- 2014

This work, begun in 2010 and exhibited in the Scandal show in the government buildings of Lower Austria, was never fully appreciated and so was worked up further, and exhibited in 2014. The strange branches carved from laminated plywood, have multiple readings, they can be seen as both weapons and antlers from a Trophy room, similar to the one of Crown Prince Ferdinand of Austria in Eisenstadt- i think. - where the blanched Antlers and horns of mountain-game are covering the walls, in a rather sorry statement of his obsession. here in this work,there is a sense of intimidation and unquiet.