Cutty Sark 2006 
Denk Antlitz 2015 
Hasenblase 2006 
Soulsucker 2008  
Synapsekopf 2013-2016 

Constructions: A path of observation and practice; point and periphery. At first the body cast or object ( for example the corpse of a Hare, or the shell of a bodycast) was the Generator of the larger form-if you like the soul revealed. In later works i am trying to Generate a form from the outside, inwards: where in the process for example, of spinning the ‚cocoon’ of transparent plastic or silicon, the inner form becomes more redundent. that is to say, although the skeleton of wood, bodycasts, Carbonrods and sticks that are the first stages, , they become unimportant to the next stage. For Example in the metamorphoses of a Butterfly, the caterpillar long cocooned dissolves, and the Chrysalis is the new Driving force, working back inwards. Perhaps the finest of the early ‚generator’ (2006-2008) works is still Cutty Sark 2006. The work in progress Pieta Wesen 2013 is still yet to ‚disolve’ and evoke the outside in process.